From Paris with Love

Dear Diary,

There have been said and written many things over time about the city of love, so it has been difficult for us to find our words and describe how mesmerizing Paris is.

It is one of the cities that have most impressed us during our holidays, although we still find it hard to make a top. The small restaurants and cozy cafés on the sidewalk; the smell of fresh pastries coming from the boulangerie; the boats that pass on Seine full of tourists who admire the idyllic area; the architecture, it is impressive to walk on the shore of Seine and think about the ladies with umbrellas that walked there in the Belle Epoque; the old ladies with their puddles taking walks on the boulevard; the ethnic diversity; all this things give Paris a special charm, making it a fascinating, elegant, full of life cosmopolitan city.

Paris has plenty to offer besides the sights that everybody knows about, such as Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower or Louvre. There is a less touristy sight of this city, a very interesting one and that is Belleville. It is a lively, multi-ethnic, colorful neighborhood in northern Paris and a nice way to discover the parisian life. It was once an independent commune which was annexed by the city of Paris in 1860. Another legend of Paris is represented by the Catacombs. Not many people know or have the courage to visit this part of the city. It is an underground cemetery visited mostly by travelers that enjoy the dark tourism. Another exciting experience would be to follow the footsteps of Dan Brown’s famous character and visit those sights such as Louvre or Saint Sulpice Church, where the zero longitude meridian has passed.

All in all, every type of person can find something amazing to do or see in Paris. You will fall in love with this beautiful city of lights. If you are a lover of history, elegance, culture, art, architecture, wine, pastries, adventure, then Paris is the right place. This page doesn’t cover all the tourist attractions that can be seen in Paris, but if we convinced you to see it, then you’ll find more about what you can see and do in other pages of our journal. For us, Paris is always a good idea.