What to see&do?


Paris has a particular charm. It’s a city of history, love, culture, art, elegance, wine and cosmopolitan people. Here everyone can see, do or find something to love and enjoy. Something that we enjoyed very much in Paris is the life, the people and the vibe. But there are a lot of things to see…click here for more.

Krakow can be discovered in just a few days. No matter the time of the year when you choose to visit it, this gorgeous medieval town has its own charm and you will definitely enjoy visiting it…click here for more.

Rome a wonderful city, that’s what all our friends are telling us, but only when you get there you become fully aware of how amazing it really is. As we stepped into Rome, we felt the city’s vibration and just like that it was possible for us to imagine how the capital of an empire looked like. When you walk down the narrow streets, beside the ivy-covered buildings, the flowering bushes on the streets or see the Italians on their Vespa scooters you can feel a little bit of Rome’s vibe…click here for more.